The present disclosure has the specific purpose of illustrating the types, methods of use and to provide guidance on actions to reject or delete the cookies on the website.

1. What are cookies

Cookies are small text files containing information that are saved directly on your device and sent automatically to the server at each occurrence or later access to the site. Usually a cookie contains the name of the site internet from which the cookie comes from, its duration, and a value. By default, most web browsers are set to automatically accept cookies.

2. What are cookies

Cookies are used to perform authentication, save and monitor sessions and for the storage of information. Through the use of cookies, you can also collect and monitor data and information on the habits of visitors to websites in order to profile the users for promotional activities or targeted marketing operations.

3. Origin of cookies

Cookies can be created and managed directly from the web site you are visiting or they can be created and managed by third parties.

4. What cookies are used in

own cookies:

All their Cookie fall under the category of technical cookies for which it is obligatory to present information but not the explicit consent from the user.

Navigation cookies or session
Session cookies automatically generated by the server.
Cookies for storing setting filters on research articles.
analytics cookies
Cookie date last visit.
Cookies to retrieve the url id of the site or the campaign of origin newsletter.
feature cookies
Cookies to read the language and country of origin in order to display information in the correct language and the correct VAT rate depending on the country of origin.
Cookie to show the warning message Cookies Policy.
Cookies to retrieve the login information so you do not get them re-enter the visitor.

third-party cookies:

Google analytics
This web analytics service gathers information on the use of our website from visitors, the site from which the user, the number of each user visits and about how long the user stays on the site. This information does not record specific details regarding the individual user and are used to create statistics on the use of the web at the aggregate level. It uses a set of cookies to collect the necessary information. Google may use the data collected to contextualize and personalize the ads of its own advertising network.
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Alexa Metrics
Alexa Metrics is a service that allows you to monitor and analyze traffic data and is used to keep track of User behavior.
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Google AdWords
Google AdWords is a Google service used for conversion tracking and remarketing. Google AdWords uses and manages cookies to gather the information needed for its operation.
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Bing Ads (Microsoft Corporation)
This Microsoft service allows you to use your data for commercial communications purposes in various forms of advertising, such as banner, also in relation to the User's interests.
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Google Maps
Through this service we incorporate the maps of Google Maps, we use Google's location services; therefore, when you visit a page with content embedded from Google Maps you may receive cookies from Google.
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This service is a payment processing service managed by third parties. The user-entered data to complete the payment process are acquired directly from the payment service providers without being processed in any way by this site. Some of these services may also allow the sending of programmed messages to the user, such as emails containing invoices or notifications relating to the payment. Paypal is an online payment processing service via credit card and other instruments, from which you can receive cookies.
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Facebook Likes and Share
I like the button and share to Facebook allow you to interact with the social network Facebook. These features create a cookie on your browser by Facebook.
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Google +1
The Google +1 button allows you to interact with Google's social network. This feature creates cookies to your browser by Google.
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pin it
The Pinterest Pin It button allows you to interact with the social network Pinterest. This feature creates cookies on your browser by Pinterest.
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5. Control, deletion and banning of cookies

Surfing on the implicitly agree to the use of cookies. By default browsers generally accept the use of cookies from both or by third party sites.
You can still change these settings in different ways depending on the type of browser used.
If you are using several devices to each other to view and access the Internet sites (for example, computer, smartphone, tablet, etc.), You must ensure that each browser on each device is adjusted to reflect the cookie preferences.
Disabling cookies may affect the user experience of the site, for example, you might not be able to visit certain specific sections or receive personalized information.
To manage the use of cookies you must change your browser settings as follows for the most popular browsers:
Internet Explorer: Managing cookies
Mozilla Firefox: Managing cookies
Google Chrome: Managing cookies
Opera: Managing cookies
Safari: Management of cookies

Other tools for the management of cookies:
Browser Add-on for Google Analytics Opt
Tool for monitoring and decommissioning of some third-party cookies (in English)
Tool for monitoring and decommissioning of some third-party cookies